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Forty Plus Members Practicing their 30 Second Elevator SpeechForty Plus is a program that was developed in 1939 when Remington Rand found itself laying off many employees who were hired off a college campus, most were now over 40 years old, had worked no other place, and suddenly found themselves having to search for work for the very first time in their lives. The goal of the program was to give them the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search.



Direct Access to Seasoned Talent

Benefit from someone else's experiences.Employers and Recruiters have recognized for quite some time that participants in the Forty Plus Career Training are a potential gold mine of proven talent.  Not only are they the kind of steady employees everyone wants, but they have had time in their career to learn the ropes, to hit the ground running, bringing with them a suitcase full of experience.  They will help your teams avoid wasting valuable venture resources on unproven choices and things that they have witnessed failing in the past, something that less experienced candidates cannot bring to your table.

By posting your job opening directly on this site, it will be viewed only by candidates who are, or have been thru the Forty Plus Career Training, and listing is FREE of any fees.  When the candidate applies for one of your positions, you should receive an email cover letter, along with the candidates attached resume at the email address of your choice.

Once you have completed Registering on this site you can submit your job posting by selecting Create Content -> Job Posting on your navigation menu.  Be sure to include plenty of pertinant keywords, candidates will use a special searching tool to find your posting.



fortyplus.org gets a new suit

Solid training for your futureForty Plus of Northern California is updating their website to provide some new features and some new software underneath (it's new suit).  Please feel welcome to browse our site and test out the new features as they become available.  If you do spot a problem or something that does not work as you expected, you could help us a lot by reporting the nature of your problem to our webmaster.

One of the reasons for the new software is we found that our site was being used by hackers to try to improve the search position of their own site by creating links to their site from ours.  To limit that, we now require registrations to be authorized by administrators, and ask each registrant to supply some basic information so that we can identify most legitimate registrants.  If any hackers make it past that process, and proceed to try to imbed links into the site, their access will be revoked.

We will soon be providing a way for employers to post their job openings directly to 40 Plus members who have completed our training (A good reason to sign up for 40 Plus training as soon as it becomes available in your area).



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